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Scottish Parliament

Assistant Chief Executive Bill Thomson gave an overview of how their National form of government was established and what powers they are able to administer in conjunction with the United Kingdom. There are 129 members. A simple Majority are elected (73). With an additional 56 members elected from 8 regions. There are no term limits and they are normally serving for 4 years, however they are serving a 5 year this term There are 41 members of parliament who are women. They are currently in the midst of a bi-election due to one vacancy. Parliament t is not in session on Mondays and many members are currently out today; not in their offices which are within the main campus. They meet 33 weeks a year. There are current 7 committees with one mandatory and a total of 16 committees based on subject. The party whips determine the agenda which then is voted on by the parliament. The committees do most of the work with the general public providing evidence and testimony. Bills are very few per year- 14 Bills were past this year thus far.



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Jamie’s Scottish Evening!

The IIMC International Committee Blog is a nice feature to follow regarding our journey.

IIMC Global Network


Tonight we enjoyed the Ultimate Scottish Experience… we were treated to bag pipes, dancing, Scottish tunes, and best of all…  a true haggis adventure… with neeps and tatties to boot.  We can now consider ourselves honorary Scotts!

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First Session

No rest from Scotland. Our first session began with a presentation in Edinburgh City Chambers. Mr Kenny McKraig provided an overview of How Scotland is Governed. Only 32 Municipal local councils in the entire country. ONE police service and ONE Fire service. The country is on the verge voting on a referendum to become independent from England. Kenny provide a brief overview of the political parties and who is currently in office. He even provided a pop quiz to test the knowledge of the group regarding the session. In addition, the City of Edinburgh provided pins as a gift as we were serenaded through the window with bagpipes in the courtyard plaza. Up early in the Morning to head toward the Scottish Borders and Selkirk. Then we stay the evening in Drybourgh.


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Leaving on a Jet Plane

Tis the time to depart …passport is ready and bags are packed.  Will be posting from Scotland very soon.

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Oh, the places you’ll go….

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who’ll decide where to go.”-Dr. Seuss

Guess who is going to Scotland?!   I have been busy saving my “bawbees.”

The excitement is building and there will be a group of 33 participants in the 2013 Study Abroad Program to Scotland!  To learn more about the IIMC Study Abroad Program and Itinerary visit the IIMC Website.

Besides a flight to the United Kingdom, I am beginning to look for a way to get myself to the King James Thistle Hotel where our adventure and education begins!


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Home safe

It has been a Long journey, but the majority of us have returned home safe. Our two women from Alaska are extending their stay and can’t wait to hear from them once they return from Tanzania.

The experience was enlightening and very enjoyable. The group of people I was fortunate to come to know in this adventure are amazing individuals! >

I do plan to go back to South Africa and other parts of Africa ….and I hope to see everyone back for the 2013 proposed study tour to Scotland.

Don’t forget, a photo album is coming to the post very soon.

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Leaving the Cape

Leaving the Cape, late at night. Most of the group left in the morning and are in route to their homes.

Landed in Amsterdam with tight security…some of our friends are not feeling well from the first lag of our trip. Some interesting questions were asked about where I have been and whom I am traveling with. Curious to know what is going on within our own homeland on this anniversary date 9/11.

At least there is finally Internet!

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Hermanus Photos-Whale watching




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FIFA 2010 World Cup-Cape Town Stadium






Just a few photos, the group walking out to the field, holding cages for police services, a view inside the stadium and the players dressing room.

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