Posted by: solosnowbird | October 4, 2013

Information Management Update – Scottish FOI


Dr. Meechan, Glascow Asset Governance Manager provided a brief overview of the Scottish Freedom Information Act, Data Protection Act and the Environmental Information regulations at the Glasgow City Council Chamber. The general entitlement of the information is held by the local authorities and there is a 20 working day response requirement. In addition there are a Re-Use of Public Sector Information Regulations that confer a right to ask a public body if you can reuse their information. Dr. Meechan noted no one has used theses regs and precisely Zero requests since 2005.

The new public record act of 2011 is home grown legislation arising from a review of historic abuse in children’s homes survivors if abuse were encountering widespread difficulty in recovering records. Yes, there are fines up to £500,000 that can be applied to a local authority- Civil Penalties imposed by the court.

Data sharing protection new law includes guidance on duties of a data controller and privacy notices. He noted that there is still confusion around the interface and carrying out between the FOI and data protection. The FOI is not “applicant blind” when personal data is requested and the clerks need to asses the interests of the applicant who is requesting or receiving the personal data.

Glascow received 489 FOI requests in the last five months and only 6 FOI exemptions used. Did not obtain any fees since most of the requests were exempt under the act.

With new requirement to submit a records management plan , Glascow has submitted their first draft (trench) at the end of August with a formal submission in a few weeks.



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