Posted by: solosnowbird | October 2, 2013

Glenrothes- a new city

So an extra evening session today aftwr an afternoon in St. Andrews. Mr Andrew Ferguson from Fife and his father, Keith who served as legal services for twenty years gave an overview of the Scottish area after WWII. He noted that Marshall aid for the USA and Europe opened up markets for British industry. A New coal reserves discussion came about for Scotland Theses changes include formation of new government. The national acts for coal, health service, insurance, town and country planning, local government all came about after WWII. The new town concept was to encourage and help replace the war damage cities with new suburbs with the new development corporations directly accountable to local government.

Me. Andrew Anderson provided an overview of the government which governed the country in1948 which included an SOS for Scotland and local governments with county, district and bough councils.

Glenrothes was planned between several existing villages. Without absorbing with a huge minor population to support the mining industry. The new board was made of 8 members who were part time, not paid and answerable to the SOS with a mixed of local authority being made up of others with industry experience or local community interest. Through this discussion they provided terminology of a quango which means the Non controversial actions of government are to be carried out without any controversy.

Me. Anderson notes there were going to be Planned precincts of 1150 houses, with a church, corner shop and a community hall. He noted the coal industry anticipated did not appear because of issues with the mine. It was flooding and did not work well and closed in 1961. So he noted that there was a need for a Revised target with light industry with no pollution zone and a population of 55,000.

Andrew noted in order for this to work, they came up with a Plan B for this concept. It was necessary to have the industry home grown for the area with inward investment from Beckman’s Brand Rex, focused on public service, and the health board. He discussed the investments made to the social concepts and the community which included art and garden spaces. With the change in the Uk government, the privatization agenda was a concern and the district councils were abolished and replaced with unitary authorities. Just when the new towns were making a profit and they were ready to boom, the new town development wound up (came to an end). A Planned economy concept were auctioned off and went to private hands and Glenrothes went away as a government and became an area committee.



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