Posted by: solosnowbird | September 30, 2013

Scottish Parliament

Assistant Chief Executive Bill Thomson gave an overview of how their National form of government was established and what powers they are able to administer in conjunction with the United Kingdom. There are 129 members. A simple Majority are elected (73). With an additional 56 members elected from 8 regions. There are no term limits and they are normally serving for 4 years, however they are serving a 5 year this term There are 41 members of parliament who are women. They are currently in the midst of a bi-election due to one vacancy. Parliament t is not in session on Mondays and many members are currently out today; not in their offices which are within the main campus. They meet 33 weeks a year. There are current 7 committees with one mandatory and a total of 16 committees based on subject. The party whips determine the agenda which then is voted on by the parliament. The committees do most of the work with the general public providing evidence and testimony. Bills are very few per year- 14 Bills were past this year thus far.




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