Posted by: solosnowbird | September 9, 2011

Western Cape Province-IMASA Conference

One again we travel from Cape Town to Goundini Spa for the IMASA Conference. We are here for two days. They gave us the best room in the Village—on top of a hill! The view is spectacular and the walk is easy— down hill.

There is no Internet, but there was a lot of great networking going on at the IMASA Gala last night. The sessions have been captivating. I attended the “Resolving disputes expeditiously in pursuit of service excellence” instructed by Thom Peeters, Executive Director Corporate Services, Midvaal Local Municipalities. There was a lot of discussion regarding pre-emption, procedures, best practices and standards to have in place in case their is a dispute. Communication within your municipality is the consistent message.

Tomorrow we are serving on a panel to discuss similarities between our municipal Goverments. We depart from this part of the wine country to head back to Cape Town for one more night. We will also be touring the Stadium in Cape Town in the afternoon which hosted the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Our schedule has changed once again and we will be getting to the hotel late. Just wish there was a little more time to spend some Rands and visit the local markets. It is always nice to support the local economy. We are all feeling this global economic crunch.






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