Posted by: solosnowbird | September 6, 2011

Pilgrim’s Rest & Bourkes Potholes

As proper etiquette for clerks, or as they say in the U.K. “Clarks,” we stayed the course and kept to our schedule~all day. We picked up Tony (San Diego) and proceeded out of Johannesburg. Joburg…was short but beautiful. The Protera Wander Hotel was fantastic.

Our tour guide,Manuella shared with us the SA history,the politics of the country, and the countryside. George,the acting IMASA President and host, provided a brief description of the division of the municipalities and the townships.

Lunch was great…at Harrie’s Pancakes in Lyndenberg. More like a stuffed Dutch crepe with sticky pork and peaches with a light coke (diet).

Bourkes Potholes history and the large scooped formations and whirlpools as part of the Blyde Canyon was interesting and crowded. Quite the tourist spot and vendors galore.

Our final stop is our hotel, Casa do Sol was the hit of the group. Our party is complete and our comrades finally caught up with us. Dinner was filling and the conversation roudy. Many of us reflected on the day’s events and our currents issues in our municipalities. A zebra is roaming the hotel premises and there is no Internet.

The best part of the day was spotting the baboon coming back from the confluence of the Blyde and Treur rivers at Bourkes.


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