Posted by: solosnowbird | September 6, 2011

Cape Town

After traveling back from Casa do sol,(Joberg) we arrived in Cape Town- the Mother City of Africa on Tuesday. Too tired to try the Internet. It was a long day, 7 hour bus ride with a two hour plane ride. On Wednesday, we met with the Cape Town City Manager/ Clerk to discuss the make up of Cape Town and it’s current issues. Cape Town is responsible to address many social issues and is the largest employer in the city—- 25,000 employees. No one wanted to leave, there were many questions remaining to ask but not enough time. Staff was kind enough to show us their council chambers. It is comparable to legislature chambers. Council meets once a month; however, there are 45 other meetings that occur within the month before the council meeting (i.e. Committees). By the way, Cape Town has 221 Councilors and are paid around 300,000 Rand per year. The Mayor is paid 900,000 Rand per year.

We drove to Hout Bay to see the seals and up over Chapman Peak to see the cape penguins. Seal island is located in False Bay (near Cape of Good Hope) and this is where the sharks hang out. Yes, there are attacks on humans.

The Cape of Good Hope– the most southwest point of South Africa is not the point where two oceans meet-that is further to the east. And the wind blows…..and blows.

The tour company, IKAPA, provided each of our delegates beautiful gifts and treated us to dinner at the Gold of Africa Barbier-Mueller Museum…a 14 course dinner & entertainment!

Another long and eventful day gone quickly with another early morning start tomorrow! I will sleep when I get back!




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