Posted by: solosnowbird | September 6, 2011

Best Day Ever!—Kruger National Park

The day started very early (5:30 am)…30 members climbed onto open air carriages for game viewing with a packed breakfast brown bag. The air was cold/ crisper than anticipated but were told the afternoons are warm. Upon entering the park,within 20 minutes, my group encountered wild dogs….very rare sighting since there are only 250 wild dogs in the Park.

Our park guide, Derek, was kind enough to provide us a brief history of the park. In addition, Manuella, gave background information regarding the animals we were going to see.

We visited Pretoriuskop for breakfast, and Skukuza for a Braai at the Boma-compliments of IMASA. During lunch, Retired clerk, Kathy Young and I had a very long and interesting dialogue with our host and Acting IMASA President, George, regarding the leadership, empowerment, education, and economic stability of Blacks in South Africa.

Prior to lunch, we met at the conference center in Skukuza were we heard a presentation from the officials involved in the SA National Park system and the operations of Kruger involving strategic management.

All in all, we had the “Best Day Ever” and did not want to leave the park. I believe we were the last to leave. Even the sunset seemed to linger for a moment – just for us.

In case you are wondering about the game we saw….you will have to wait and see. Between 30 members, there has to be between 8,000-10,000 photos!


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